Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Sport Tourer (Gran Turismo) by Phippen

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Alfa Romeo


6C 1500 Sport Tourer (Gran Turismo) by Phippen





Announced in 1925 but not produced for another two years, the 6C 1500 was designed as a fast touring car combining light weight with sparkling performance. The latter was achieved courtesy of a 1,487cc inline six-cylinder engine based on the P2's straight eight and producing 44bhp in single-overhead-camshaft Normale form. Twin-overhead-camshaft Sport and supercharged Super Sport models followed, the latter being the first of its type to feature the classic open two-seater coachwork by Zagato forever associated with sporting Vintage Alfas.


The Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Sport was officially launched in 1928 specifically for competition use. Boasting an increased compression ratio and twin-barrel carburettor among other modifications, its twin-cam engine produced 54bhp, 10 horsepower more than the single-cam unit, while the Sport's fuel tank was relocated to improve weight distribution. The model made its racing debut in 1927 when Enzo Ferrari - at the time works driver for Alfa Romeo - won the 360km Circuit of Modena at an average of 107.6km/h in what was believed to be a prototype twin cam Sport. The 1500's sporting career, aided by its mechanical longevity, extended far beyond its production, which ceased in 1929 on the arrival of the 6C 1750. Of the 171 chassis built, only 20 1500 Sport models are known to survive today, one of which won the 2005 Mille Miglia Storica in the hands of Viaro/De Marco.

In the mid-1920s, Alfa's RL was considered too large and heavy, so a new development began. The 2-liter formula that had led to Alfa Romeo winning the Automobile World Championship in 1925, changed to 1.5 liter for the 1926 season. The 6C1500 was introduced in 1925 at Milan, production started 1927, with the P2 Grand Prix car as starting point. Engine capacity was now 1487 cc, against the P2's 1987 cc, while supercharging was dropped. First versions were bodied by Young and Touring.

In 1928, a 6C Sport was released, with a dual overhead camshafts engine. Its sport version won many races, including the 1928 Mille Miglia. Total production was 3000 (200 with DOHC engine). Ten copies of a supercharged (compressore, compressor) Super Sport variant were also made.

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