Oldsmobile 442 Generation 2 1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible

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442 Generation 2 1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible





By 1972, the muscle car era was unmistakably in decline due to the twin blows of rising insurance rates and soaring gas prices. The 4-4-2 name reverted to an appearance and handling option package (option code W-29) in 1972 on the Cutlass Holiday coupe, Cutlass S sport coupe and Holiday coupe, and Cutlass Supreme convertible. The W-29 option was not available on Cutlass Supreme notchback hardtops. The 4-4-2 option package, which carried a modest sticker price of $29, consisted of the "FE2" suspension upgrades (heavy duty springs & shocks, front and rear sway bars, boxed lower rear control arms, and 14- by 7-in [356- by 178-mm] wheels), side striping, fender and deckled badging, faux hood louvers, and a unique grille. The rear bumper sported cut-outs for exhaust tips, but only when paired with the optional L75 455 CID V8 in place of the standard Oldsmobile 350 V8.

Interior trims differed on each bodystyle for which the 4-4-2 option was offered, much like the early 1964–66 models. For the base Cutlass hardtop coupe, a baseline two-spoke steering wheel, and vinyl or cloth/vinyl bench seat was standard along with rubber floor mats (carpeting was optional); Cutlass S sport coupe and Holiday hardtop coupe featured full carpeting, deluxe steering wheel, courtesy lighting, and bench seats with cloth-and-vinyl or all-vinyl upholstery or optional Strato bucket seats; and the Cutlass Supreme convertible came with more woodgrain interior accents than the "S" along with an all-vinyl notchback bench seat with armrest or no-cost Strato bucket seats, between which a center console was an extra-cost option. An AM/FM stereo radio with a tape player was $363.

4-4-2's could still be ordered with the additional W30 option, which included the still-potent L77 455 engine, which produced 300hp (220 kW) and 410 lb·ft (556 N·m/s of torque and incorporated low-restriction dual exhausts. Other notable components of the W30 package included a lightweight aluminium intake manifold, the W25 fiberglass ram-air hood, anti-spin differential with 3.42:1 gears (3.73:1 available), and heavy duty cooling. Due to the low-vacuum at idle, air conditioning was not available, and power brakes were only available with an automatic transmission. Only 113 W30 convertibles and 659 W30 coupes were made in 1972, making this a very rare option.

A special edition Hurst/Olds paced the Indy in 1972. The H/O coupe was based on the notchback Cutlass Supreme Holiday coupe (not offered with the 4-4-2 option) and the Cutlass Supreme convertible, both of which came standard with a 270-net horsepower 455 Rocket four-barrel V8 or optional 300-net horsepower W-30 option 455. Both H/O engines were mated to Turbo 400 transmissions with console-mounted Hurst Dual Gate shifters. A H/O Vista Cruiser was provided for the Medical Director.

1972 Model Year Spotting Tips: Silver grille with black surround, black headlight bezels, round parking lights in front bumper, 3-section horizontal tail lights.

Sold for: 117700 USD
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