Oldsmobile 442 Generation 2 1969 Hurst/Olds Holidays Coupe

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442 Generation 2 1969 Hurst/Olds Holidays Coupe





1969 4-4-2s were very similar to the 1968 except the division tooth between the grilles, the trunk lid inlets for the tail lights, wing windows deleted on Holiday Coupes and convertibles, steering lock ignition switch on the steering column, standard headrests were added to the front seats, and the paint scheme. Twin hood stripes were now available to highlight the new dual-bulged hood. The 4-4-2 numerals grew to nearly double their previous size. Optional disc brakes now had updated single-piston callipers. The exhaust manifolds featured a new center divider for better performance. Other changes to the engine were minimal, but the Turnpike Cruiser option was deleted. However, another hi-po engine was offered. Called the W-32, it came with the Forced Air Induction plumbing found on the W-30s, but it had a milder cam like the base engine. It was only available with an automatic, and 297 were built, including 25 sport coupes and convertibles each.

The Hurst/Olds returned, with a Cameo White and Fire Frost Gold striped paint scheme, outrageous functional ram air mailbox hood scoops, rear pedestal spoiler, 15" SSII chrome plated rims, European racing mirrors, and a 380-horsepower 455 cid V8 that was detuned slightly from 1968. 906 production Hurst/Olds Holiday Coupes were built, plus 6 prototypes and 2 convertibles for a total of 914 cars. Performance for the 1969 Hurst/Olds (380hp): 0–60 in 5.9 sec, 1/4 mile in 14.03 sec @ 101 mph (163 km/h)

Sold for: 126500 USD
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