Bugatti 44 Cabriolet by Gerber

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44 Cabriolet by Gerber





Type 44 was introduced in 1927 and was produced until 1931. Debuted at the Paris Auto Salon in October 1927, the Type 44 replaced the 2-liter Type 38. It shared much of the Type 38's chassis, although strengthened to withstand the increased power output

The Type 44 was the widest-production variant of this range, with 1,095 known. A larger and sometimes enclosed Tourer, it used a new 3-valve SOHC, engine derived from the Type 43's unit. 4-Speed Manual Transmission, 4-Wheel Leaf Spring Suspension and 4-Wheel Drum Brakes.

The chassis and running gear came from Types 38, 40 and 43. The beautiful front axle was controlled by semi-elliptic leaf springs, the rear axle by reversed quarter elliptic. New shock absorbers were provided for damping and ride control. Four-wheel braking was by DeWandre-Repusseau servo via cable operation and was smooth throughout its function. The power train consisted of a wet multi-plate clutch and a four-speed centre change gearbox with a spiral bevel rear differential.

Ettore Bugatti remained committed to his single-cam design, only adopting the double-overhead-camshaft method of valve actuation on the Type 50 of 1930, after considerable prompting by his eldest son, Jean. The Type 44's twin-block, three-valves-per-cylinder, single-plug engine displaced 2,991cc and produced approximately 80bhp, an output good enough for a top speed of over 75mph.

Most importantly, the engine received an entirely new crankshaft, one having nine plain bearings for the eight cylinders, thus becoming one of the most solid and reliable crankshaft Bugatti’s ever made. Driving via a four-speed gate-change gearbox, the Type 44 used a finely tuned leaf spring suspension, and had large, effective drum brakes on all four corners.

The Type 44 was destined to become a favourite with coachbuilders like Weymann, Kellner, Gangloff, James Young and Bugatti himself.

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