Ferrari 375 MM Berlinetta by Pininfarina

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375 MM Berlinetta by Pininfarina





Ferrari 375 MM, was a Ferrari race car produced in 1953. Named after unitary displacement of 4,5L V12 engine and Mille Miglia race. With engine based on its F1 counterpart but with smaller stroke and bigger bore. First prototype was a Vignale Spyder and 3 next cars were Pinin Farina Berlinettas, all converted from Ferrari 340 MM.

Pinin Farina, which had earned the contract to body customer versions of the 375 MM competition berlinetta that debuted at Le Mans in June 1953 (and really made a name for itself at the subsequent Carrera Panamericana). By late 1953, the design firm had already built the first two examples of the twelve spider bodies that would eventually adorn the 375’s Type 102 chassis.

Cutting away the trailing sections of the fenders behind the wheels, Pinin Farina crafted one of the earliest examples of a pontoon-fender sports racer, paving the way for Scaglietti’s yet-to-be-born 250 Testa Rossa, which is more commonly credited as the design’s progenitor, and dozens of other purpose-built sports racers. The new coachwork was to be the only such body ever mounted on a 375 chassis, making the resulting car a one-off and absolutely stunning, particularly when considered in profile. It should be noted that this one-off 375 was Sergio Pininfarina’s first full commission, which he made known to Dave Cummins at Meadow Brook in 1989.

Twenty-six 375 MM examples that were eventually constructed, and it completed frame assembly at the Maranello factory on September 21, 1953. Four days later, it entered Pinin Farina’s plant to receive its innovative bodywork. In addition to the important fender design, the body featured such performance cues as a large hood scoop to improve air flow to the prodigious F1-derived Lampredi V-12, a single windscreen, and a rear-centered external fuel filler for optimal weight balance.

In 1954, Carrozzeria Pinin Farina was commissioned by director Roberto Rossellini to build a one-off version of the 375 MM with custom bodywork for his wife, actress Ingrid Bergman. The colour chosen for the vehicle was not available with other Ferrari models. It was later made available for all production Ferraris under the name "Grigio Ingrid."

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