Cadillac 370D Series 40 5712LB Town Cabriolet by Fleetwood

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370D Series 40 5712LB Town Cabriolet by Fleetwood





The 1934 Series 370D was restyled yet again but this time was mounted on a completely new chassis. The radiator grill slanted rearward with a central bar and five horizontal sections, the windshield sloped even more rearward, headlights were enclosed in new teardrop housings mounted on streamlined supports, the horns joined the radiator cap under the hood, the spare tire was concealed under a new beaver tail deck on most models and the whole car sat approximately 2 inches (51 mm) lower. Significant mechanical advancements included dual X-frame chassis construction, "Knee-Action" front coil spring suspension that greatly reduced unspring weight and Hotchkiss steering.

Following the previous Fleetwood system V-12's would be 57- or 61- styles. This system was followed in promotional literature, in the 1934 Master Parts List, and in early factory records. However, since the bodies were identical for all these series, Fleetwood stamped all body plates 57- or 60-. Master Parts Lists after 1934 used only 57- and 60- style numbers for 1934-35 Fleetwood bodies. Starting in 1936, V-12 style numbers reflected the new 1936 series designations. However, 60- styles were no longer offered.

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