Cadillac 370B 273 All-Weather Phaeton by Fisher

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370B 273 All-Weather Phaeton by Fisher





The appearance of the 1932 Series 370B benefited from a radiator shell that flared on the top, more flaring fenders and curved running boards Overall styling and appearance of the V-12 Model 370-B was identical to the V-8 except for the emblems. Mechanical features were the same as the V-8 except for minor differences dictated by the increased power and weight (gear ratios, tire size, vacuum assist on brakes, battery/generator capacity). Dual exhaust system had tuning chambers in mufflers rather than attached to tail pipes. Dual ignition coils were mounted in top tank of radiator. Mechanical changes included a stiffer frame, and a Cuno self-cleaning oil filter mounted at the right hand side of the clutch housing. Dual Detroit Lubricator carburettors were used in place of the Cadillac/Johnson carburettors that had been standard equipment on Cadillacs for 20 years. The engine was basically the same as the 370-A of 1931. Fuel feed changed from vacuum tank to mechanical pump. New Cuno disc type self-cleaning oil filter was mounted at right hand side of clutch housing, connected to starter pedal to rotate discs each time pedal was depressed. New Detroit Lubricator dual carburettors were first departure by Cadillac in twenty years from a Cadillac-Johnson carburettor.

Largely thanks to the deepening Great Depression sales plunged to 1740 units.

Sold for: 156800 USD
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