Ferrari 330 America by Pininfarina

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330 America by Pininfarina





After three years of tremendous success, towards the end of 1963, the 250 GTE was replaced with an improved model, which was powered by the new four-litre Colombo V-12. It was improved with revised combustion chambers and wider-spaced bores, and it was estimated to produce a conservative 300 brake horsepower. Aside from this engine, the new model shared the same chassis and was virtually identical in outward appearance to the 250 GTE 2+2. Following Ferrari’s practice of naming an engine for the displacement of a single cylinder, the new model was dubbed the 330 America 2+2, which was also a nod to its intended market.

Powered by the new 4.0 L engine of the later 330 cars, fifty 330 Americas were built. 185VR15 Pirelli Cinturato tyres (CA67) were original equipment, changed to 205VR15s (CN72) after 1964. A famous 330 America was that of California socialite Sandra Ilene West, who was buried at the wheel of the car following a 1977 drug overdose.

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