S.P.A. 25/30HP Torpedo Sport

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25/30HP Torpedo Sport





S.P.A. (Società Piemontese Automobili), was an Italian automobile, military vehicle and aero-engine manufacturer founded in Turin by Matteo Ceirano and Michele Ansaldi. It was active between 1906 and 1926. In 1908, it merged with Fabbrica Ligure Automobili Genova (FLAG) and the new company, Società Ligure Piemontese Automobili, was headquartered in Genoa while manufacturing in Turin.

In 1923 it moved to Turin and in 1925 was taken over by Fiat, whereby car manufacture ceased but commercial and military vehicle production continued. Although car production resumed after World War II, by 1947 the company was fully absorbed into Fiat.

The first S.P.A.s designed by Alberto Ballacco and Ceirano were the 28/40HP and 60/70 HP which had four cylinder engines, side valves and live rear axles. They were exhibited at the Esposizione di Torino. By 1907 they also produced two six-cylinder models, one of which had the flywheel mounted at the front of the crankshaft. By 1911 they had introduced L-head monobloc engine designs, unitary gearboxes, and High tension magneto ignition systems. The next year in 1912 they sold 500 cars and introduced a new four cylinder 14/16 hp engine as the basis of their modern, compact car. By 1914 the range included twin, four and six cylinder cars - the biggest had an 11,536cc displacement. After World War I production resumed with the pre-war models; the 14/16 HP using a 2.700cc side-valve engine and the '25/30 HP using a 4,400cc six cylinder engine. In 1922 the highly sophisticated 30/40 Super Sports was launched, with a 4,400cc six cylinder engine, using twin overhead camshafts (dohc) operating four valves per cylinder. The aluminium alloy cylinders had steel liners and aluminium pistons, plus dual carburettors and dual-ignition. The car was also equipped with front-wheel brakes and a V-shaped radiator. By the next year, the sporting range was marketed as Tipo 23, Tipo 24 and Tipo 25.

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