Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Ghia

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Alfa Romeo


1900C Super Sprint Ghia





21 vehicles based on the 1900C platform (1884cc) were produced by Ghia between 1954 and 1955, six of which were Supergioiello and fifteen had the SS (1975cc) configuration. Three coupes manufactured on the 1900L chassis. The chassis numbers start at 01153 and end at 02186. The cars differ in many respects, the differences lie in the design of the headlights, bumpers, rear ends and rear light clusters. There ara also differences in the interior.

The model Speciale “Americano” has special history. Two coupes were produced, but Abarth version has very different floorplan. The design came from Mario Boano`s son, Gian Paolo, with assistance from Savonuzzi. One of Ghia`s American customers liked the car so much that another car was built especially for him, it was based on the 1900C Super Sprint. The floor shift and fastback with large tailgate are advanced features, as is the holding rear seat.

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