Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Corto Gara Stradale Touring

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Alfa Romeo


1900C Super Sprint Corto Gara Stradale Touring





Alfa Romeo had something very special planned for the 1952 Mille Miglia – the Corto Gara.

Very few 1900 coupés were built on the shortened, or ‘corto’, platform with the uprated engine. They are thought to have numbered only seven. The first three were taken from the existing Touring programme, they did not have the spit windshield - ‘Stradale’ models. The lightweight versions built exclusively for racing were slightly different than the Stradale variants, in that they have a split windscreen, no boot door, no bumpers, a louver on rear Plexiglas windows, and a special dashboard, amongst other differences. The Corto Gara Stradale was fitted with additional amenities, such as tubular bumpers, an air outtake from the cockpit to the underside of the rear bumpers, sliding windows, lightweight door panels, all Plexiglas windows and a short boot door. Of these cars, only three Corto Gara are known to have survived. They include Corto Gara no. 01047, Corto Gara Stradale no. 01361 and chassis number 01420.

Sold for: 414000 EUR
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