Mercedes-Benz M130 motor

Mercedes-Benz M130.980 2.8L

New oversize pistons, cylinder head overhauled, cylinder block honed, evened, cleaned and painted. Has been run and tested on a test-bench, all holes sealed and stored in dry storage for a few years. Crankshaft turns around by hand, can't be started due to a missing fuel injection pump and ignition distributor.
Used for “Riga Master Workshop” representation at classic car exhibition Techno Classica Essen during 2011 and 2012. 
Sold AS IS. More detailed pictures available on request.

Fits straight to:
280 SE Limousine 1968–72 108.018 M130.980 E
280 SE Coupé / Cab. 1967–71 111.024/5 M130.980 E
280 SL Pagoda 1968–71 113.044 M130.983 E (only difference is other camshaft and fuel pump adjustments)

Engine ancillaries present:
PAS pump;
Starter motor;
Exhaust manifold;
Intake manifold, throttle body with linkage shaft, start enrichment injector;
Fuel filter;

Engine ancillaries absent:
Throttle body linkage - few rods and lower part at the engine block;
Ignition distributor;
Fuel injection pump with injectors and steel lines;
Cooling fan

Asking price: 5 500 EUR
Sold as is. More detailed pictures and information available on request by pm or

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