ANDRIS BECERS / Saldes leader


Andris joined RMW team in February 2012, but he has been interested in technology since early childhood. Already at age of 10 he had his own motorbike, with what I participated in various races. Andris' speciality is a car engineer and whole his life he has been working with cars in various different types of businesses. His sales experience he gained working in company "Baltic Motors".

Should you have any questions about RMW services, then without any doubts the right man to address them to is Andris!

+371 29244169

MARIS SUDMALIS / Workshop's manager


Maris is responsible for auto restoration work and parts supply. He has been working for RMW since 2012.

Maris lives his life based on the principle that a bad experience is also a gain, as it gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes again and again.

In 1990 he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering at Riga Technical University as a Technical Motor Repairs and Maintenance Specialist.

He has been a Metal Working Training Master at RTU (1989-1992), Production Training Master at Riga School of Arts and Crafts (1992-1996), Automotive Mechanic at SIA Auto Riga (1996-2000), Garage Customer Service Consultant at SIA Baltic Motors (2001-2005), Body Repair Shop Manager at SIA Baltic Motors, and Garage and Aftersales Department Head at SIA Aura Auto (2009-2011).

+371 2786 0278

IVARS LUKŠA / Engineer


We refer to Ivars as one of the cogwheels of the workshop. He has been working for RMW since 2009 and he is in charge of historic vehicle certification, as well as contacts with clients and suppliers. According to Ivars, the best thing about his work is the opportunity to be able to care for the classic cars of his clients. Ivars has an Engineer-Mechanic’s diploma. He has been an Engineer-Constructor and Project Manager, a Commercial Engineer at Volvo Truck Latvia , and Volvo Truck Corporation’s Product Manager in Central and Eastern Europe.

+371 2923 1516

AIVARS KOZLOVS / Tinker - car loksmith

Skārdnieks - autoatslēdznieksPatience and precision - correct words to describe way of working of Aivars.

ALEKSANDRS ČUBARS / Autoatslēdznieks



Aleksandrs is eager for new challenges constantly widening his experiences. 
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