We offer full or partial restoration for all classic cars. Great experience in Mercedes Benz W121, W113, W189, W111 and W112 models. The calculation of labor costs is based on the following price list.

Job title


per hour

Dismantling, paint removal and defect detection

40 EUR

Necessary purchased spare part list with part nr.

40 EUR

Body work

50 EUR

Exterior decoration element restoration

50 EUR

Chrom part overcoating


Preperation and painting


Running gears and brakes assembly

50 EUR

Engine, exaust and fuel system assembly

50 EUR

Electric system with aggregates renovation

50 EUR

Dashbord gauges and switches restoration

50 EUR

Wooden parts reveenering


New interior covering and cabrio roof


Car`s underneath installation

50 EUR

Engine bay installation

50 EUR

Interior and dashboard assembly

50 EUR

Preparation for test drive

50 EUR

Test drive 500km

30 EUR

Final works, cleaning and polishing for take over



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