Restoration and Repair


The first step in every repair and restoration project is disassembly of the car or component to be repaired. Paint is removed from the body to evaluate technical condition of the body parts underneath - bumpers, doors, structure and frame. During this process all components and units are dismantled and removed, the condition of parts is evaluated, the course of the planned repair works is determined, lists of replacement parts and estimates are compiled.

Mechanics rate during the restoration project from dismantling to the final test is - 50 EUR / hour, that on average per car is 2500 EUR.

Dismantling process is documented photographically and descriptively; condition of all parts and components is fixed as well as their relative positions and connections. Modifications not conforming to original versions, which should be removed during the restoration, are identified.

In the course of dismantling, parts of each restoration project are grouped by functions and placed in storage for future restoration work. Parts of each car to be restored are registered and stored separately from other projects, guaranteeing safety of these old and unique parts.

In the course of dismantling, we examine : paint condition, coating of wooden parts used in the interior, leather and fabric, cabriolet roof materials to determine the materials historically used in the particular car, their shades and manufacturing technologies.


Before body repair, the surface is prepared by clearing rust and damaged paint in the sand chamber. In the case of minor damage, individual damaged areas can be prepared, but in the case of complete restoration the entire body is cleaned. In such events a an individually manufactured jig is fabricated, which serves both to facilitate the cleaning process, and to ensure safety of the important geometric dimensions in the subsequent welding process.

Preparatory work rate - 50 EUR / hour. On average, 1200 EUR per car.

Parts of the body, which are usually made of thinner material or aluminium alloys, are cleaned by hand, without using sand blasting. After cleaning, the surface is primed ensuring its protection from exposure to environmental moisture in the process of further restoration.

To clean small pieces we use a small jet chamber where we can use sand, glass or metal beads and other cleaning agents, depending on the material of the part to be cleaned. Chemical cleaning of parts is performed in specialist equipment.


During the body restoration we ensure safety of the original manufacturer's design replacing damaged panels with new ones or replacing each damaged component individually.
Welding rates - 50 EUR/ hour.

Upon restoration of individual components, the authentic form is accurately reproduced providing both visual and functional conformity. After opening those normally inaccessible cavities and tubular structures, these are cleaned and covered with a protective coat. A protective coat is also laid on all new components forming closed cavities.

To ensure an exact match of the original surface shape, the surface to be restored is tinned.

After completion of welding and prior to painting, all related components are fitted to be sure in parts compatibility and accuracy of their inter- arrangement. The accuracy of gaps around opening components is verified as well as location and conformity of position of decorative elements.

In case of local damage only, damaged areas are welded and, if necessary, tinned.


The first step in painting process is to prepare the surface. If a complete repainting of the body is not required, untreated surfaces are covered.

The surfaces are aligned and polished many times to obtain the necessary form and surface quality. The process takes about 3 weeks. Painting is carried out in a dedicated paint room.
Body painting rate is from 2200 EUR.

   Original paint schemes used by the manufacturer are followed in the painting process - both inside the passenger compartment, boot and engine compartment, and outside the bonnet and bootlid. Welded joints are treated with mastic resin. A protective layer is also applied to the underside of the car and it's chassis.

Before further assembly, the enclosed spaces are treated with anticorrosive agents, and sound insulation layer is applied.

Associated parts 

During restoration we perform restoration of all important car components. Depending on the job assignment, the load-bearing elements are supplied from restored or new parts. We use only parts approved by the manufacturer. All galvanized parts are cleaned and covered with a new layer of zinc, unit cases are cleaned and restored to their original form.
Engine overhaul - from 1500 EUR.
Gear box repair - from 500 EUR.
Fuel supply system repair - from 1200 EUR.

We repair carburettors and fuel injection systems. After restoration, power unit operation is tested and adjusted on the test bench.

Besides, all other system units of the car are checked. As a result of restoration, units regain their original appearance and functionality as at the time of production.

  After individual inspection of each item, it is put in place observing the manufacturer' technology, where its operation is checked along with other units and systems. Running gear and braking system repair - from 500 EUR.

Wooden parts

We restore wooden parts preserving the original wooden base as far as possible, and restoring the surface coat. We pay particular attention during the restoration to polished structuresand polishing quality. During examination we identify the original finishing material, its pattern, as well as the polish composition. When performing repairs, it is possible to choose a particular veneer of timber for finishing and surface tinting.

We manufacture replicas of wooden parts according to available patterns. Manufactured parts undergo chemical protective treatment in accordance with the conditions of their operation.

Restoration of partially remaining units of any complexity is possible this process is however time consuming.

We carry out restoration and reconstruction of wooden parts lost with time, modelling their position on the car.

Interior finish 

We provide full restoration of interior finish. We use leather supplied from original manufacturers' suppliers, but do it in accordance with the client' s wishes and job assignments, using products from the globally renowned suppliers. On request, you can change the original manufacturer's colour scheme.
Leather interior finish production - from 3000 EUR.

During restoration we not only make leather covers for seat and steering wheel, but all leather covered details are also replaced. Rugs for interior and luggage compartment are supplied from manufacturerapproved or authorised suppliers.

We make roofs for cabriolets according to the model. For this we use materials from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. Cabriolet roof replacement - from 1500 EUR.

Elements of interior trim and cabriolet roof structure are often so badly damaged they can not be used as a template. Then, we develop our own templates and patterns.

Parts production and processing

After all cleaning and necessary repairs we repair the galvanized coat of all the relevant details of the car. Finish coating is selected in accordance with the production scedule of the car restoration project.

Chrome-plated details, which are suitable for re-plating are sent for repair and recovering. Parts operating in hard conditions are covered with powder paint, increasing resistance to damage of the paint during operation.

In the case of time lost or badly damaged parts, we model and produce new from steel, aluminium or other materials.

New parts may be made of different material combinations and can be plated.
Information about all restored and newly manufactured parts is provided in the individual Restoration passport.

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