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The workshop has many years of experience working with clients from all over the world. Our specialists can provide transport and customs formalities for renewable vehicles. Car insurance is also offered if required. The workshop's reliable partners offer all types of transport by sea, air and land. The car can be delivered both in a closed container and in an open trailer. Fill out this Shipping form to find out the cost of shipping your car.


Any car restoration project consists of many stages and depends on the work of craftsmen from different industries. The cost of restoring a car depends mainly on the original condition of the car and the specific wishes of the owner. Starting negotiations on the terms and cost of restoration, our workshop determines a base budget that a car owner can expect, based on years of experience in restoring classic cars, on vehicle photos and to-do list. Therefore, it is very important to get as much information as possible. By filling out this Price request form and submitting a photo at a certain angle, you will receive a more accurate price quote.

The exact restoration budget is determined after disassembling the car and all its components, cleaning, determining the damage and compiling a list of necessary parts.
The next step is to find the necessary parts, price inquiry, purchase and receive, quality and conformity assessment. After the spare parts have been delivered, the actual work can begin.

The next stage of restoration involves the work of several masters at once. The body builder welds and restores the car body, repairs and adjusts the moldings and bumpers. The engine mechanic restores the engine, gearbox and all engine-related components. An auto mechanic restores the chassis of the car and other components and components removed from the car. Our galvanizing specialists prepare and refurbish parts according to the original design, zinc and chrome plating of the original parts. All of our craftsmen are highly experienced industry professionals with years of experience restoring classic cars.

In the next stage of restoration, the body tinsmith prepares it for painting by tinning the welds and leveling the surface to the specified paint level.
The car painter prepares the body and its parts for painting in accordance with the specified standard.
In the next stages of restoration, the car body is painted. The carpenter restores, veneers and varnishes all wooden parts in accordance with their original. The seamstress sews a new interior from leather, fabrics and other materials suitable for the production period of the car.
The next step is the process of assembling the car. This is where the mechanic's experience with a particular model is most evident. The details of the execution of this stage play a crucial role. The car has been restored to its original splendor and elegance. All repaired units, purchased and repaired parts, engine and interior are installed.

The last stage is preparing the car for the trip, setting up and operating tests. The car is tested on a power bench and in everyday traffic on the street. After testing, the vehicle is polished and prepared for evaluation. All vehicles that have been repaired in category 1 are evaluated by recognized model specialists from Germany.

The invoice for the work performed is issued at the end of the current month for the work performed in the current month. The invoice is accompanied by an invoice calculation with a detailed breakdown by item. If the workshop also purchases spare parts on behalf of the client, an advance of 20% of the total planned restoration costs is deducted at the start of the restoration work.

While in our workshop, all cars are insured, because safety and guarantees are important to us. Together with the restored car, the owner receives a car restoration passport with certified copies of invoices for spare parts, confirming the originality of the parts and the car restoration process, reflected in photographs, where every essential component of the restoration process is recorded. The workshop carries out maintenance of all restored vehicles and provides warranty repairs for two years for all works done by us Because we know we can guarantee the quality of our work.
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