We provide technical maintenance for different classic cars and prepare the same for technical inspection. All work can be done either in the service centre, or at an address specified by the client.
Car mechanic job rate - 50 EUR/hour (+ travel expenses if a visit is required)
During different events we also provide maintenance for cars and motorcycles within the European Union - 50 EUR / hour + travel expenses.

We perform testing and adjustment of different car systems. We provide owners with reports on the tests and inspections results.

We provide tire repair and running gear service. We provide car preparation and certification for sports activities in accordance with FIA and FIVA requirements - 50 EUR / hour + materials.

We do maintenance and adjustment of car electrical systems in accordance with technical and safety requirements. Electrician job rate - 60 EUR/hour.

We ensure car preparation for season beginning after storage and do the work required for return to storage after the season. We provide storage servicesfor cars between seasonal use, in heated storage areas.
Car mechanic job rate - 50 EUR/hour. Car storage - 120 EUR/month.

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