We ensure selection, evaluation and acquisition of vehicles on behalf of a client. In accordance with the task we prepare five equal offers. The offer separately specifies taxes, transportation and customs costs. Using our extensive database and partners abroad, we verify compliance of colours, trim level and manufacturer's interior design with the convention of the period. In addition, we provide an opinion on compliance of engine, gear box and body with the numbers on the chassis.
Material development rate - 300 EUR.

Accuracy of the estimate is best ensured by appraisal of the car to be restored, on site. Appraisal of the car to be restored includes experience of a skilful restorer and a number of measuring instruments to obtain accurate data.

Appraisal process includes not only check of the car's technical condition, but compliance of its components and units with original specification of the period that determines historical value of the car.
Appraisal on site rate - 120 EUR/day + travel expenses.

Based on the appraisal's result, the restoration work estimate is compiled providing restoration of the car in compliance with modern requirements.
Cost estimating rate 1200 EUR, upon signature of the repair contract these costs are included in the total amount.

Condition of the car and the possible repair work can be estimated by photographs before beginning the project. Thus, we can reduce the costs for appraisal on site, however, possible changes in the expenses at the end of actual appraisal may be possible.

In such events, the accuracy of the appraisal will be dependant on the ptospective client's ability to identify those components requiring attention, especially those requiring the most significant work. In the course of appraisal we may ask for additional pictures to clarify condition of a particular component or part.
Cost estimating rate 1200 EUR, upon signature of the repair contract these costs are included in the total amount.

In such event the result will be equally comprehensive as the first inspection on site, but we must consider the possibility of slight changes in the originally specified job assignment and the approximate cost estimate.

We provide car transportation to the specified client's address, insurance and customs clearance. We will help to make legal documents related to import and export of the car from the Russian Federation and the United States of America. We advise on tax efficiency.

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