After completion of the restoration works we offer car owners the possibility to undergo necessary certification of classic cars, that offers great opportunities to enjoy the pleasure of driving and participation in a number of international events - races, contests, rallies, mountain sprint or competitions on closed highways.

Meeting the requirements for authenticity in the restoration process, we ensure completion of certification requirements and filing an application to the relevant international organizations, as well as arrange examination and its successful completion, then providing the owner with certification documents.

The most widely used document is the Identity Card (IC) of FIVA (International Federation of Historic Vehicles). FIVA identifies it's main goal as saving any historical motor vehicle, thus, as well cars as motorcycles, also military and even agricultural machines may seek this ID. Moreover, for machines which have not yet reached the age of classic cars, we can provide certification of a candidate.
Issue of FIVA Identity Card (IC) will cost to the owner up to 1000 EUR.

For sports cars to mix with street traffic (for models with a history in motor sports) and to participate in various sports competitions, an Historic Technical Passport of FIA (International Automobile Federation) is required. We prepare documents to obtain this technical passport and submit them to the national FIA organization - the Latvian Automobile Federation, as well as participate in and conduct examination arrangement.

Issue of FIA Historic technical passport (HTP) will cost to the owner up to 1000 EUR.

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