Running gear repair

Cleaned front axle was brought for disassembling and defects detection.

First we separated front wheels form suspension.

Braking system components were rusty, though technically acceptable.

Front wheel bearing races were damaged by corrosion requiring replacing of the seals and bearings.

Sealing of the steering system pins was damaged certain time ago.

Needle bearings and shims were damaged by corrosion products and mud.

We disassembled rusty steering system linkage.

Rubber suspension buffers were damaged.

Steering and front suspension system components were completely separated for defect detection.

Usable steering and suspension system components were prepared for cleaning and painting.

Cleaned steering and suspension components were sent to powder coating.

We completely disassembled steering gear for cleaning and repair.

We prepared for cleaning and following powdercoating axle gearbox housings.

We finished preparation for installation front axle suspension components.

Using new and restored components we assembled steering column.

We cut away corroded sections of the front axle housing.

We welded on self-manufactured replacement plates.

We received batch of parts so we could start preassembling of the running gear and engine components.

We used restored and new parts assembling steering knuckle.

We used new bearings, bushings, rubber buffers and seals assembling front torsion bars.

New bearings and seals supplemented installation of the front spring torsion arms.

Most of components joint to steering knuckles are new.

Steering linkage now features new ball joints.

We used new seals and bearings assembling front hubs.

Initial adjustment was carried out installing hubs onto the shafts.

We installed new white-stripe tyres onto the reconditioned wheels.

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