Other components repair

On the inner surfaces of the heater we found traces of the smoke signalling about defective burning camera.

Heat sensor was damaged causing smoke leakage and required replacement.

We completely disassembled burner unit for following repair.

For repair we completely disassembled components of the stationary heater.

Fuel pump of the heater and fuel lines were filled with grease-like substance and we had to wash it out.

Inlet nipple for the thermo-switch of the heat exchanger was broken.

We welded in place broken nipple, as well as outlet pipe of the heat exchanger.

We pre-assembled heat exchanger using restored parts.

We painted all housings of the stationary heater according to original paint scheme.

Using restored parts and components we assembled parking heater.

We checked suitability for further use of all sunroof components. We put necessary parts onto the spares list.

Since new sunroof slides are not available, we self-manufactured necessary elements using worn-out pieces as the specimen.

We installed restored sunroof mechanism in place.

We attached new bottom covering of the sunroof to the restored moving bows.

We fixed bottom covering of the headliner sewing it over the support bows.


We installed new covering of the sunroof.

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