Interior renovation

We completely disassembled all seats for repair.

We repaired broken and damaged seat frames before painting.

We replaced broken springs and attachment items before painting of the spring blocks.

We delivered preassembled seat structural elements to the trimming workshop.

We disassembled frame of the central console for cleaning and painting.

We checked compatibility of the received new trimming panels.

We glued over the parcel shelf new layer of the trimming material.

We finished restoration of the trimming laid over the parcel shelf.

We completely disassembled frame of the central console for repair.

Frame of the central console was broken and required welding.

We painted restored frame of the central console.

Using received material, we restored trimming of the top trimming panel of the central console.

Trimming panel of the central console prepared for assembling.

We installed new headliner in the front part of the body.

We attached new headliner to the body side and roof panels.

We installed restored headliner trimming panels.

We attached rear part of the headliner.

We put in place restored trimming panels of the rear corners.

We attached central part of the headliner to the slides of the sunroof.

We glued perforated headliner material over dedicated areas of the body.

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