Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

We brought for detailed inspection dismantled and cleaned motor.

For detailed inspection removed engine heads.

We prepared components of the motor for measurement activities.

Prior to further works all engine components were carefully cleaned and washed.

All dismantled components were measured before further decisions were taken.

We repaired all damaged engine shrouds.

After cleaning all engine components made of sheet metal were sent to powder coating.

Before re-painting we cleaned and repaired damages on engine cooling system shroud.

We delivered air intake and exhaust components to recreation of the external paintwork.

Heat resistant powder coating was applied on exhaust system piping.

We finished surface treatment of the engine structural components

Air filter and engine shroud components were powder-coated.

After assessment it was taken decision to retain camshafts and camshaft bearing shells.

We assembled air filter housing using restored parts.

For restoration we completely disassembled carburettor.

We completely disassembled carburettor for cleaning and overhaul replacing all aged and damaged components.

We assembled carburettor from prepared parts using replacement items from repair kit.

We prepared for assembling halves of the motor.

We preassembled crankshaft.

We returned prepared crankshaft and camshaft into the place using all around new bearing shells.

We installed restored oil pump and pressure valves into the block.

We installed pistons and cylinders.

We reamed valve seats before valve installation.

We installed prepared valves into the heads.

Using restored parts we assembled fan housing and valve mechanisms.

New gaskets and seals we used attaching various engine ancillaries.

We installed preassembled fan housing, alternator and exhaust system components.

We installed restored clutch onto the flywheel.

We installed restored ignition system components onto the engine.

Now we are ready to mate engine and transmission as new engine pad arrives.

We installed all received parts and restored items completing assembling unit of the powerplant.

We attached transmission and filled-up oils and gasoline, to perform first start of the engine and complete initial pre-installation adjustments on the restored powerplant.

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