Assembling and final tests

All preassembled and partly assembled components were shelved until arrival of necessary for further assembling new parts.

As paintwork recreation was finished, we started assembling installing restored and new components.

We placed restored control elements in the cab.

We installed restored pedal unit under the floor.

 We placed new wiring harness along the body.

We installed restored control elements of the transmission under the floor.

We placed master cylinders under the cabin.

We placed new harness in the front part of the body.

We placed new harness in the driver’s compartment and connected it to other electrical components.

In the engine compartment, we installed overhauled heater unit.

We installed reconditioned gauge.

We installed fuel tank and prepared rear compartment for following installation of the rear axle and engine.

We proceeded assembling installing onto the body restored and new components.

We continued assembling installing repaired and re-plated symbol of pedigree.

We installed preassembled front and rear lighting units.

We fixed transmission and rear axle in place.

As front axle was in place, we put a bus onto restored wheels.

We attached to the body preassembled items of the steering gear.

We fixed wiring harness along the body, in the front and rear compartments.

We connected lamps to the wiring harness.

We connected dashboard items to the wiring.

We installed new weather-strips along the engine compartment plates.

We attached preassembled engine to the transmission.

We installed new exhaust pipe.

We applied vibration deadening along the side walls and doors.

We put sound deadening mats onto the roof panels.

We put sound and heat insulation mats over the front wall under the dash.

Using new rubber seal, we installed rear window.

We preassembled rear panel.

We finished recreation of the engine compartment installing rear panel and weather-stripping.

We proceeded assembling process installing restored and new interior components.

We proceeded assembling process installing restored and new interior components.

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