Restoration process


Overview period - week 29, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

We installed all received parts and restored items completing assembling unit of the powerplant.

We attached transmission and filled-up oils and gasoline, to perform first start of the engine and complete initial pre-installation adjustments on the restored powerplant.

We continued preparation of the body for painting.

We applied final paint on the internal surfaces of the body.

We painted components in the period-specific colour.

We completely disassembled all seats for repair.

We repaired broken and damaged seat frames before painting.

We replaced broken springs and attachment items before painting of the spring blocks.

We delivered preassembled seat structural elements to the trimming workshop.

We inspected all decorative elements and took decision on further steps of the restoration.

Salvageable parts were sent for re-plating to the specialist workshop.

We installed new white-stripe tyres onto the reconditioned wheels.

Parallel to the restoration of the body we were working on recreation of the surface coatings on various suitable for the further use components of the engine, running gear, electrical and braking systems.

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