Restoration process


Overview period - week 34, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

As paintwork recreation was finished, we started assembling installing restored and new components.

We placed restored control elements in the cab.

We installed restored pedal unit under the floor.

 We placed new wiring harness along the body.

We installed restored control elements of the transmission under the floor.

We placed master cylinders under the cabin.

We placed new harness in the front part of the body.

We placed new harness in the driver’s compartment and connected it to other electrical components.

We tailored new braking system piping using received pipes.

We completed assembling of the restored braking system components.  

In the engine compartment, we installed overhauled heater unit.

Re-plated interior decorations ready for assembling.

Re-plated external decorations prepared for installation.

We installed reconditioned gauge.

We installed fuel tank and prepared rear compartment for following installation of the rear axle and engine.

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