Restoration process


Overview period - week 40, 2018.

1. Progress of the project.

We proceeded assembling installing onto the body restored and new components.

We continued assembling installing repaired and re-plated symbol of pedigree.

We had a problem with new engine cradle because of not concentric holes of welded together reinforcement plates. There was needed additional machining of the holes to get bolts through.

We installed engine cradle preparing body for installation of the transmission.

We installed preassembled front and rear lighting units.

We fixed transmission and rear axle in place.

As front axle was in place, we put a bus onto restored wheels.

We attached to the body preassembled items of the steering gear.

We fixed wiring harness along the body, in the front and rear compartments.

We connected lamps to the wiring harness.

We connected dashboard items to the wiring.

We installed new weather-strips along the engine compartment plates.

We attached preassembled engine to the transmission.

We installed new exhaust pipe.

We preassembled items, which were separated for polishing and re-plating.

We disassembled frame of the central console for cleaning and painting.

We checked compatibility of the received new trimming panels.

We applied vibration deadening along the side walls and doors.

We put sound deadening mats onto the roof panels.

We put sound and heat insulation mats over the front wall under the dash.

Using new rubber seal, we installed rear window.

We checked suitability for further use of all sunroof components. We put necessary parts onto the spares list.

We preassembled rear panel.

We finished recreation of the engine compartment installing rear panel and weather-stripping.

We glued over the parcel shelf new layer of the trimming material.

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