Initial condition and work order

Vehicle was delivered to the workshop for restoration in not driveable condition - motor and wheels were stuck. All main components were present though in heavily damaged technical condition.

Radiator mask was removed and hood lock was blocked due to corrosion.

Removed and some new components were delivered loaded into the car.

There was a huge dent over almost all roof surface.

Corrosion and ageing damaged light signalling devices.

 Doorsill decoration panels – chromed and painted mild steel- all had corrosion damages.

As doors opened it became obvious that both inner and outer wheel arches are destroyed by corrosion.

It was not possible to turn motor and all engine compartment components had serious corrosion damages.

Mildew had been grown even through the insulation layer of the luggage compartment lid.

Seat cushions were nibbled and leather upholstery perforated by countless generations of the moths.

We documented all delivered loose components. Most of new spare parts made of any kind of metal had corrosion damages, but rubber components were covered by layer of mildew.

We assumed that radiator mask had been restored at some point in the past, but again there were corrosion damages everywhere.

Even fresh chromed Mercedes star basement and emblem itself had new corrosion spots spread over the whole surface.

Restoration contract of Mercedes-Benz 300d RHD (1961) VIN 189.010-22-003047 anticipated disassembling, complete restoration and assembling of the car, as far as possible preserving existing original components and parts.

Restoration and assembling process was split in several steps presented in the table below:

Planned works


1. Original condition and work order


2. Disassembly, defects detection and parts list  compiling


3. Restoration



3.1.Engine and engine components repair

 In process


3.2. Transmission repair

 In process


3.3. Running gear repair

 In process


3.4. Brake system repair

 In process


3.5. Electrical equipment repairs

 In process


3.6. Bodywork repair

 In process


3.7. Interior renovation

 In process


3.8. Chromed trim components repair

 In process


3.9. Trim components repair

 In process


3.10. Other components repair

 In process

4. Assembling and final tests




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