Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

We dismantled vital components of the injection system for preliminary inspection.

All inner cavities of the pump were filled with debris so we first had to clean elements to judge possible restoration of this injection unit.

For further assessment and defect detection we started disassembling of the engine.

We removed housing of the mixture controller and valve cover.

Inner structure of the motor was unusually affected by corrosion – thick layer of corrosion products on the camshaft gear.

Valve stems were jammed in valve guides by corrosion products.

All cylinders were rusty.

Shaft of the distributor was filled with mixture of oil and rusty water.

We removed cover with heat exchanger – amount of debris in water jacket on this side was adequate to the age of powerplant.

This thick layer of the tar in the sump is signalling about careless attention to the engine – it had been used for a long time without oil change.

As a result of poor greasing gears between oil pump, distributor and timing chain drive are completely worn out and require replacing.

Unusually all connecting rods are rusty, none of oil rings are operable on pistons.

We manually cleaned engine removing all corrosion products.

We cleaned engine covers in sand blast camera.

Preparing for repair, we disassembled engine head.

Before machining of the engine head, we applied soda blasting to remove any sediment from the alloy.

We performed tightness test on cooling radiator and painted it preparing for installation.

We prepared for installation renovated air filter housing.

We preassembled restored components of the motor.

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