Disassembly, defects detection and compiling parts list

For detailed defect detection of the body we started disassembling of the vehicle.

All seat non-metal parts were beyond repair – later we shall check possible use of metal parts for recreation of the seat.

Backrest of the rear seat additionally suffered from damages caused by mildew.

Natural materials of the front seats also were tasty for certain representatives of surrounding us fauna.

We removed from the interior all natural fibre mats which were damaged by insects.

Under-seat heating device was rusty, but complete.

We removed all trimming and insulation layers all around the luggage compartment.

Dashboard decorations and other wooden items were decomposed by humidity and mildew.

We removed B-post supports. Fabric interlayer had been accumulating moisture which caused serious corrosion of the doorsill.

All body panels at the very rear of the body required replacement.

As we detached dome from the side openings whole structure dropped down as aluminium crossbows were completely corroded due to moisture accumulated by sound deadening mats glued under roof panel.

Corrosion transformed dome crossbows into this white powder.

We detached rear wings. Right side of the body at the rear had been “recently” repaired simply attaching body decorations by glue instead of regular attachments.

We detached front bumper together with brackets – all components definitely required restoration.

We detached front wing assemblies.

Insect nets of the ventilation system were completely clogged by corrosion products.

We had not possibility to check condition of the radiator on car, as engine was stuck, so we will make separate pressure test after flushing.

We detached wheels to unblock brakes and get the chassis movable.

Braking system components suffered from heavy external corrosion, but we should open the system to check condition of internal components.

Until further restoration actions we shelved all dismantled parts and components.

We removed damaged wooden decorations of the windscreen.

All dashboard appliances suffered from severe corrosion.

We dismantled heavily corroded heating system distributor boxes.

Due to penetrating corrosion cast alloy housings already had been started to fall in dust.

We disconnected all electrical appliances from the wiring looms.

We detached all hatches in the body and disconnected appliances located under the body.

We separated body from the chassis.

Wiring was completely removed from the body.

We installed body on the transport rig for further detailed assessment and cleaning.

Prior to further disassembling we cleaned detached chassis.

Framework was heavily damaged by corrosion, rearmost chassis cross member on left side was damaged at some accident and required repair.

It was needed to replace during restoration broken trailing arm and straighten bent crossbeam of the frame.

We continued disassembling of the removed body components taking front wings into the pieces.

Wentilation system filters and protective nets were completely decomposed by corrosion.

We manually cleaned inner and outer shells of the doors.

Bottom surface of the door carcass was gone for all doors.  

We completely disassembled and removed front suspension system.

We disassembled and removed hand brake transmission.

Disassembling of the rear suspension we started removing engaging mechanism for rear axle torsion bar springing.

Finally whole rear axle was detached from the frame.

We detached support bearing and exerted propeller shaft.

We continued disassembling of the removed components for detailed inspection and defects detection. We started restoration works of the fundamental components of the vehicle, such as chassis frame and bodywork are in the process.

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