Braking system repair

We disassembled remnants of the braking mechanisms – braking cylinders and braking shoes were seriously damaged.
Costly brake drums were broken – cracks developed along the groove for asbestos packing band.

We completely disassembled braking cylinders for defects detection.

We prepared braking shoes for further restoration works.

Usable items of the braking booster we cleaned by soda-blasting.

We assembled braking cylinders using supplied spare parts.

We prepared slave cylinder for installation on braking booster.

We continued disassembling, defect detection and repair of various dismantled components. We disassembled for repair parking brake mechanism.

Special fittings and other bits after cleaning were sent to specialist workshop for galvanizing.

We used received new parts assembling overhauled components.

We prepared overhauled components for installation.

We preassembled overhauled braking booster.

Brake shoes got new linings.

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