Restoration process


Overview period - week 5, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We continued restoration works of the fundamental components of the body – particularly front wings and body components adjacent to the front wings. To preserve originality we recreated all these complex areas, like headlamp housings, layer by layer

There were numerous penetrating holes in the front wing edge behind the doorsill decoration moulding.

We made cut-outs in the most damaged areas and prepared adequate patches.

We grinded weld seams finishing the surface.

On the opposite side – RHS front wing had similar defects. Rearmost lower corner of the wing was generally lost.

We cut away completely damaged area leaving reinforcement bracket in place.

We produced necessary segment to replace damaged area.

We grinded weld seams on restored area.

Damages on the front corner were wider, so we opted for complete replacement of this area.

We disjoined damaged segment of the front wing.

Exact copy of the damaged corner was fabricated.

There was penetrating corrosion spot at the top of wheel opening.

We cut away whole damaged area to prepare adequate patch.

Now there are no signs of the previous damage.

There was lost attachment flange on the cover plates, which are located between front bumper and front wings.

We cleaned plates in sand blast camera and prepared patches of the missing areas for welding.

We cleaned weld seams finishing restoration of the cover plates.

Front part of the RHS wing suffered from poor repair after some crash and thorough corrosion.

Front panel was separated from the inner structure serving as an air duct.

There were countless penetrating holes on the lower front corner of the wing.

Starting detailed defect detection and repair, we completely cleaned wing in the sandblast camera.

We completely removed damaged section of the front wing.

Here we discovered unwanted penetrating corrosion spots in the fog lamp housing behind cover piece at the bottom of housing. We made necessary patch and recreated housing.

We manufactured necessary cover piece.

We recreated original structure of the fog lamp housing.

We tailored new front corner of the RHS wing.

We reconstructed front corner of the wing and proceeded to the front panel – we cut away damaged areas layer by layer.

Now there were left just undamaged sheet metal pieces.

We used disjoint segments as specimen producing necessary patches.

Upper plate of the air channel again in place.

We produced patch to recreate missing part of the front panel of the wing.

We joined new edge of the front panel with other components.

We manufactured missing part of the lower plate of the air channel.

We finished recreation of the structure at the front lower part of the wing.

Attachment bracket of the front corner was seriously damaged so we produced new replacement part.

We finished restoration of the front lower corner of the wing.

There were serious corrosion damages around the housing of the fog lamp.

We cut away damaged area giving the way for the fresh metal.

We produced necessary patch to recreate damaged area.

This wing suffered from poor repair of the area around the headlamp housing – there still was misshaping of the outer panel of the wing against chromed headlamp ring. Even with thin layer of the tin (as pictured on the photo) panel of the wing was pushed inwards for some 7 mm too much.

We modified our rig to put both wings side by side and transfer measures directly from LHS wing to RHS wing making those both symmetrical.

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