Restoration process


Overview period - week 16, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We cut away all damaged segments – headlamp housing bucket as well as damaged area of the wing around it.

We continued works recreating headlamp bucket for RHS wing. Here we marked all penetrating corrosion spots to repair.

We cut out most seriously damaged areas of the bucket to replace completely.

We tailored patches of necessary size precisely reproducing the shape.

We replaced damaged areas one by one.

Now we could replace also intermediate sections.

As weld seams were treated, cowl get at appearance similar to original.

We made precise copy of cover plate for ventilation opening.

We attached recreated plate to the cowl by spot welds, as it was originally.

Now we had to replace damaged by corrosion outer rim of the bowl.

We self-manufactured necessary ring element to weld.

Now headlamp cowl is ready for welding to the wing.

We tailored forward part of the front wing making individual patches for each section of the surface.

Each of prepared items precisely suit to dedicated area.

Last element rolled on the English wheel to recreate most damaged area of the wing.

As all elements were prepared and tested, whole structure was removed for fine welding.

We prepared our creation of the wing for the welding into dedicated position.

Recreation of the front wing shell around the headlamp completed.

There are marked spots of penetrating corrosion over the surface of the front wing.

We welded each of defective points and grinded surface.

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