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Mercedes-Benz 300d “Adenauer”

Model: Mercedes-Benz 300
Production period: 1957. - 1962.
Produced tot.: 3077 units
Produced: 1961.
VIN: 300d/A189.010-22-003047
Body: 4-door phaeton
Colour: black
Engine: R6, 12-valves, with fuel injection
Engine capacity: 2996 cm³
Power: 160 hp at 5300 rev.
Compression: 8.55/1
Valves: 2 OHC
Transmission: 4-gear, automatic
Driven wheels: rear
Max. speed: 165 km/h
Fuel: gasoline
GVW: 2450 kg
Extras: Leather interior trimming













Going right back to the era of their production from 1951 to 1962, the MERCEDES-BENZ 300 "Adenauer" models (chassis codes: W186, W188 and W189) were always at the top of the Mercedes-Benz product hierarchy due to their innovative technical solutions, exclusive level of fittings, high price and correspondingly small production volumes. Therefore, these luxury class technologically high quality limousines were mainly used for the requirements of various countries' governments and royal families, as well as business tycoons, and occasionally showbiz stars.

Thanks to GFR Chancellor Konrad Adenauer who used six different modifications of limousines of this model during his career as a statesman from 1949 to 1963, the MERCEDES-BENZ 300 model acquired its nickname "Adenauer".

No known history of this car.


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