Trim components repair

We completed assessment of all chromed decorations.

We completed assessment of all wooden components.

Some of wooden parts additionally to re-veneering and varnishing required repairs.

We started compatibility tests of chromed decorations before sending to re-plating workshop fixing all items onto restored body.

Headlamp surrounds were damaged.

We repaired headlamp surrounds and prepared those for re-plating.

Front lamp surrounds were damaged.

We repaired front lamp surrounds and prepared those for re-plating.

Turn indicator frames had broken studs.

Remaining studs of front turn indicator frames were damaged by corrosion.

We replaced all front turn indicator frame studs.

All body decoration mouldings were bent and had other defects.

We welded all cracks and restored original shape of decoration mouldings.

All prepared mouldings were attached to the body for compatibility tests.

Decorations of the rear window posts were broken.

We welded all cracks of rear window post decorations.

We self-fabricated missing moulding attachment screws.

All prepared for re-plating parts were attached to the body.

For compatibility test, we installed rear bumper.

For compatibility test, we installed front bumper.

Front bumper was bent.

We repaired bumper and prepared it for re-plating.

We soldered cracks of front bumper horns.

We repaired bent rear bumper and prepared it for re-plating.

One of rear horns had a crack across almost a whole surface.

Cracks of rear bumper horns were repaired.

Housings of the number plate illumination lamps were damaged.

We repaired damaged lamp housings and prepared those for re-plating.

All repaired decorations again were installed onto the body for compatibility test.

Decoration of window frame was damaged.

We installed repaired window decoration for compatibility test.

Door trimming profiles were damaged.

Door edge decorations were smashed and we re-created original shape.

All door-trimming items were prepared for re-plating.

As last step, it was compatibility test installing all components onto the doors.

Thick layer of glue, which we had to remove manually, covered side window decorations.

Profiles were tailored according to the shape of the body.

Sealing holder profiles were damaged and we restored original shape.

Finally, restored profiles and sealing holders were installed onto the body.

Side windows were installed into the doors to complete compatibility tests on doors and door surrounds.

Doorstep decoration mouldings were deformed and had other damages.

We straightened doorstep decorations and repaired other defects.

We produced missing attachments for mouldings.

We corrected shape of the stonegards and replaced damaged attachment studs.

We assembled for the testing window locks.

We assembled for the testing door locks and strikers.

Door opening limiters were assembled for tests as well.

All tested items were prepared for re-plating after tests.

We removed all tested components from the body and packed for sending to re-plating workshop.

We prepared for re-plating windscreen wiper arms.

We prepared for re-plating air outlets of the ventilation system.

We prepared for re-plating loudspeaker surrounds.

We disassembled and prepared for re-plating internal mirror.

We disassembled and prepared for re-plating ashtrays.

We prepared for re-plating various dashboard knobs and lamp surrounds.

We prepared for re-plating door handles.

We disassembled and prepared for re-plating ventilation control unit.

We disassembled door locks for repair of damaged locking mechanisms.

We disassembled ashtrays for repair of damaged chromed parts.

We disassembled rear view mirror for repair of damaged chromed parts.

We disassembled interior handles for repair of damaged chromed parts.

Several decorative components of the handles were broken.

We listed all chromed parts to re-plate.

We disassembled radiator mask to remove damaged chromed decorations.

We had to replace front turn indicators completely since basements and glasses were beyond repair.

We packed and sent all chromed decorations for re-plating.

Preparing body for assessment of all wooden decorations we installed partition wall.

We checked availability and condition of all wooden interior components.

All wooden components were attached to the restored body.

Bottom corners of window frame decorations were damaged by humidity.

Door wooden decorations were decomposed by humidity.

Dashboard had serious damages around attachment bolts.

After cleaning we saw, that wood of door windowsills was still in good condition.

Repairing broken escutcheons of the handles clips, we welded on piece of brass lamina.

We cut away unnecessary part of the brass lamina to form required shape of the clips.

We disassembled damaged mirror to recreate broken screw.

We self-manufactured replacement for broken mirror screw.

We re-created shape of the rear screen decoration and sent all prepared parts for re-plating.

We sent to re-plating workshop current batch of small-chromed decorations.

Arrived consignment with re-plated large scale chromed components.

We disassembled radiator grille and sent damaged components to the galvanizing workshop.

We received batch of fresh plated chromed decorations.

We finished repair and re-varnishing of wooden decorations.

We re-plated surround of the radiator mask.

We assembled radiator mask installing renovated grille.

We fixed in place new decoration bars of the radiator mask.

We preassembled radiator cap with star.

We prepared for installation emblem of the radiator mask.

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