Other components repair

Parts requiring galvanization were selected and sent for treatment.

We disassembled heater units from engine compartment for restoration.

We disassembled heater units from passenger compartment for restoration.

We checked and disassembled window winders for re-plating of the components.

Several springs of window mechanisms were broken.

We completely disassembled heating units for repair.

For repair and re-plating, we disassembled windscreen wiper mechanisms.

We received consignment with galvanized parts for assembling of different interior appliances.

We installed renovated valves and seals into restored heater system ducts.

We used renovated parts assembling heat exchangers.

We disassembled for polishing valves of the heating system.

We pre-assembled components of the heating and ventilation system.

We finished restoration of the engine hood locking control wire.

We prepared for installation restored window lifting mechanisms.

We prepared for installation restored door locking mechanisms.

We installed restored fans into the heating system channels.

We placed sound deadening material on the inner surface of the air ducts.

We used restored components assembling restored chassis lubrication pump.

We made new components to replace damaged parts of the door locks.

Since car was missing hood-locking mechanism, we self-manufactured exact copy of the installation bracket and mechanism itself.

Windscreen wiper gears were damaged and we had to restore gearing.

We used restored gears assembling wiper drives.

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