Interior renovation

Door trimming panels were broken.

We disassembled window lifting mechanisms to replace broken springs.

We separated door windows from retaining rails.

Door window retaining rails were completely destroyed by corrosion.

Using restored components we assembled door locking mechanisms.

We disassembled seats and besides trimming it was necessary to repair rusty frames and broken spring blocks.

We replaced destroyed by corrosion sections of the seat frames.

Using restored components, we preassembled seat adjustment guides.

Door glass retaining profiles were completely decomposed by corrosion.

We self-manufactured profiles required for re-creation of the door glass frames.

We used prepared profiles re-creating retainers of the door glasses. Restored retainers after welding we sent for galvanizing.

We finished recreation of the seat cushions.

We started preassembling of the restored wooden interior decorations.

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