Initial condition and work task

Initial condition

Mercedes 300d before restorationRMW for the first time saw this MB 300d "Adenauer" in July 2008.

Mercedes 300d interior before restorationRadio was missing.

Mercedes 300d back interiorCar was partly dismantled.

Mercedes 300d motor before restorationAir fiter including installation brackets was missing.

Mercedes 300d trunk before restoration 

Mercedes 300d exterior front before restorationWhile it is true that not many parts had been removed from the car - the air filter had been removed from the engine cavity, and the sun shields had been removed from the interior, but some of the decorative mouldings were missing from the body, as well as a few exterior elements.

Mercedes-Benz 300d 1958 gas tank damagedUnfortunately, the rear underside of the car including the petrol tank was severely damaged during transportation to Latvia.

Job assignment:
As always, a detailed assessment of the car's technical condition was carried out upon receiving the car. This assessment provided the basis on which the initial job assignment to be performed and its performance timetable were prepared. The job assignment for the repair and renovation of this MERCEDES-BENZ 300d "Adenauer" entailed complete dismantling of the car, thorough body repairs, inspection of assembly parts and systems, rectification of any defects discovered, replacement of irreversibly damaged parts, body painting, renovation of interior upholstery, with the jobs being completed with the assembly of the car and its preparation for its technical inspection.
All jobs were divided up into individual stages:

  • dismantling of the car, detailed defect detection;
  • compilation of a list of replaceable and missing parts;
  • repairs to body and assembly parts;
  • body painting and anti-corrosion treatment;
  • front and rear axle, as well as brake system repairs;
  • engine and gearbox repairs;
  • renovation of car interior upholstery;
  • car assembly, testing and final inspection

So finally body repair jobs required are:
A) Body:
- Replacement of the central and rear threshold sections;
- Welding new sections of the rear longeron;
- Replacement of the inner wing wheel arc sections;
- Replacement of rear wing fastenings;
- Replacement of inner rear wing sections in the interior;
- Replacement of rear door arc sections;
- Replacement of rear longeron extension in the luggage compartment (Left), partial replacement (R);
- Spare wheel pocket replacement (corroded and deformed during transportation);
- Replacement of the front vertical baggage compartment wall;
- Straightening of the baggage compartment floor deformed during transportation;
- Replacement of the cross-fastening under the driver's floor.
B) After lining up the original parts with the renewed body frame, we commenced the repair of the body's structural elements including: 
- Replacement of the undersides of the doors (inside and outside) 
- Replacement of the inner section of the front doors (L) 
- Replacement of the damaged parts of the decorative threshold fittings 
- Replacement of the damaged rear wing sections 
- Renovation of the damaged front wing fastening flap surfaces 
- Replacement of corroded front wing sections 
- Renovation of corroded front wing headlamp columns further damaged during previous repairs 
- Replacement of damaged front longeron sections 
- Renovation of the right wing geometry 
- Straightening of the covering plate behind the bumper

Completion of the jobs in Part (A) was due to be completed in eight weeks, while an additional four weeks would be required for the performance of the jobs in Part (B).

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