Engine and engine components repair

Cylinder surfaces were rusty and we sent our block to grind cylinders to the next repair size.

All suitable engine parts were prepared for assembling.

Crankshaft bearing journals were worn out beyond allowed tolerances so before grinding we had to reconstruct working surfaces.

Grinding of cylinders was completed and block was delivered to the Workshop for further repair activities.

Partly disassembled engine head was delivered to the testing laboratory.

Exhaust manifold was cracked.

We prepared crack for welding and grinded weld seam afterwards.

We completely disassembled distributor for restoration.

We completely disassembled oil pump for restoration.

We received current batch of parts from galvanizing workshop.

We cleaned aluminium parts by glass pellets.

We removed corrosion products from engine block side covers.

All penetrating cavities were brass-soldered.

We grinded repaired cover after soldering.

Another cover had heat exchanger pies attached preventing us from repair.

We removed heat exchanger and soldered damaged engine block cover.

Repaired surface was grinded before galvanizing.

Arrived parts, which we ordered for assembling of the engine.

After cleaning and successful pressure tests we painted radiators.

After surface grinding us also machined valve seatsu.

As grinding operations were completed, we painted exterior of the engine block.

Current batch of parts ordered for engine assembling arrived.

Current batch of parts for running gear assembling arrived.

We received galvanized components.

Restored engine block covers were sent for galvanizing.

We installed injection pump on our test rig.

Before tests and adjustments, we opened injection pump for inspection and found many damaged components.

Thick layer of harsh residuals covered all internal cavities so first we had to clean all injection pump components.

We assembled fuel pump using new and restored components.

We received set of pistons ordered at specialist manufacturer.

We installed new connecting rod bushings.

We reamed new connecting rod bushings to fit new piston pins.

New pistons and remanufactured crankshaft were installed into the block.

Restored flywheel was attached to the crankshaft.

Restored engine block cover was fixed onto the block.

Transmission components were installed into the block.

We attached restored engine head to the block.

New gaskets and seals were used assembling engine.

Restored distributor and oil filter assembly were attached to the block.

We installed restored inlet and exhaust manifolds.

We used new and restored components for assembling of the coolant pump.

We finished assembling of the engine transmission components.

We attached engine cover with heat exchanger and connected all pipes.

Restored alternator we returned into position.

We preassembled coolant pump.

We managed to acquire missing housing of the fuel filter.

Using new and restored parts, we assembled dampers of the fuel supply system.

Restored fuel supply system components were installed onto the chassis by the side of the engine.

We cleaned fuel tank for repair.

For repair, we completely disassembled damaged fuel level sender.

We soldered corroded spots of the fuel tank and after painting installed it onto the chassis.

We manufactured and installed onto the chassis restored fuel supply piping.

We tested restored original fuel pump before installation and connection to the fuel system.

We installed onto the motor overhauled injection pump and started the engine for initial tests.

We connected all control elements to the new wiring harness.  

We installed restored components of the electrical system into engine compartment.

We started the engine to check interconnections of all installed systems.

We installed restored radiator and connected it to the motor.

We installed elements of the heating system and recreated connections to the cooling system.

All components of the exhaust system were damaged by corrosion, so we disassembled whole system to produce exact copy of any element.

Since new exhaust system components for this model were not available, we self-manufactured exact copies of the each piece of the system.

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