Electrical equipment repair

We completely disassembled windscreen wiper drive for restoration.

We machined commutator of the starter motor.

We replaced damaged starter motor bush.

We replaced brushes of the starter motor.

We used prepared components for assembling of renovated starter motor.

We machined surface of the commutator of the alternator.

We disassembled central dash panel for re-plating of chromed decorations and repair of gauges.

We disassembled ignition and steering wheel lock for re-plating of chromed parts and repair of mechanisms.

Using restored components we assembled rear lamp bodies.

We disassembled windscreen wiper drive gearboxes for maintenance and repair.

We prepared wiper gearboxes for installation.

We disassembled electrical motors for maintenance and repair.

We self-manufactured broken components of the electric motors.

We replaced broken connecting wires and tested electric motors before installation.

We assembled electric motor for restored fuel pump and tested restored unit.

Restored fuel pump we installed onto the chassis.

For restoration and assessment of the points, we disassembled all available relays.

After successful tests of the relays, we re-installed restored housings.   

We assembled restored horns and adjusted tones of the sound.

We used new and restored parts recreating rear lamps.

We tested and prepared for installation restored rear lamps..

For repair and maintenance, we disassembled available relays.

We completely disassembled instrument panel and odometer gauge for restoration.

We completely disassembled all gauges for repair and maintenance.

We used restored components for assembling of the instrument panel.

We used restored parts assembling signal horn.

We completely disassembled fog lamps for repair.

We installed new internals to restore damaged relays.

We manufactured missing sockets to install bulb appropriate to the fog lamp.

We preassembled fog lamps.

We manufactured new base plates and bulb holders for turn indicator lamps.

We managed to recover functionality of the original Becker radio unit, though handles were damaged beyond reasonable repair cost – we opted for new items.

We sourced new loudspeakers of the required size, impedance and frequency range.

We installed preassembled loudspeakers into the dedicated openings on the parcel shelve.

We used restored and new components assembling reading lamp.

Restored windscreen washer pump installed in dedicated position.

Most of switches are not available for replacement, so we had to restore damaged units.

We tested mutual work of the radio unit and amplifier, before all units were fixed in dedicated places.

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