Restoration process


Overview period - week 34, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

During the period, we continued assembling of the components, as well as fitting up of the engine and the body using restored pre-assembled components.

We connected all control elements to the new wiring harness.  

We installed restored components of the electrical system into engine compartment.

We started the engine to check interconnections of all installed systems.

We installed restored radiator and connected it to the motor.

We installed elements of the heating system and recreated connections to the cooling system.

All components of the exhaust system were damaged by corrosion, so we disassembled whole system to produce exact copy of any element.

We preassembled restored wheels.

We made new components to replace damaged parts of the door locks.

We installed new internals to restore damaged relays.

We installed and adjusted rear wings.

We installed restored inner wings and all prescribed splash shields.

We installed and adjusted front wings.

We attached to the body restored decoration elements and preassembled windows.

We attached to the doors restored decoration elements and installed preassembled door windows.

We preassembled re-plated bumpers.

We installed and adjusted rear bumper.

We installed restored headlights.

We manufactured missing sockets to install bulb appropriate to the fog lamp.

We preassembled fog lamps.

Fog lamps again back in place.

We installed new headliner.

Now we put into place new windscreen and all chromed items surrounding it.

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