Restoration process


Overview period - week 40, 2018.

1. Progress of the project.

During the period, we continued assembling of the components, as well as fitting up of the engine and body using restored pre-assembled components.

We installed and tested new number plate illumination lamps.

We manufactured new base plates and bulb holders for turn indicator lamps.

We re-plated surround of the radiator mask.

We assembled radiator mask installing renovated grille.

We fixed in place new decoration bars of the radiator mask.

We prepared windscreen for installation.

We preassembled radiator cap with star

We installed restored locks for detachable side windows.

We sourced new weather-strips of the special profiles for doors.

We installed new weather-strips in dedicated locations.

We prepared for installation emblem of the radiator mask.

We installed restored radiator mask onto the body.

We installed new base plates and re-plated housings of the front turn indicator lamps.

We assembled turn indicator lamps and tested function.

Using received rubber profiles and re-plated frames, we assembled door windows.

Awe installed and adjusted door windows.

We prepared renovated door locking mechanisms for installation.

We installed door mechanisms and carried out necessary adjustments.

We preassembled front bumper installing bumper horns.

We attached and adjusted preassembled bumper to the vehicle.

We returned original manufacturer’s plates to the dedicated position.

We installed door parts of the stoneguards.

We installed renovated doorsill moulding with new rubber inlay.

We fixed in place doorsill pieces of the stoneguards.

We installed and adjusted side mouldings of the body.

Since car was missing hood-locking mechanism, we self-manufactured exact copy of the installation bracket and mechanism itself.

Since new exhaust system components for this model were not available, we self-manufactured exact copies of the each piece of the system.

We finished recreation of the seat cushions.

We started preassembling of the restored wooden interior decorations.

We installed restored door wooden finishers onto the doors.

We laid sound deadening mats over the whole floor pan.

We put sound deadening mats onto dedicated locations in the luggage compartment.

We prepared for installation renovated aluminium profiles in the luggage compartment.

We precisely tailored new rubber mats for installation into luggage compartment.

We installed new moulded rubber doorsill top covers.

We managed to recover functionality of the original Becker radio unit, though handles were damaged beyond reasonable repair cost – we opted for new items.

We sourced new loudspeakers of the required size, impedance and frequency range.

We installed preassembled loudspeakers into the dedicated openings on the parcel shelve.

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