Restoration process


Overview period - week 20, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We continued assembling of the body and recreation of the interior.

To salvage original textile laid over protective grills of the loudspeakers we disassembled units and washed detached fabric.

We installed restored acoustic devices with new loudspeakers.

We opened main radio unit and implanted device intended to provide communication between most of modern electronic gadgets and this tube-mechanical appliance.

We restored steering wheel.

We assembled restored cushion of the front seat.

We assembled restored cushion of the front seat.

We installed armrest mechanism and finished re-trimming of the front backrest.

We checked operation of the folding armrest.

Front seat backrest prepared for installation.

We finished assembling of the front bench seat and installed steering wheel.

Instruments located on the steering wheel now connected to the new harness.

During tests of electrical system, it appeared that several of still used original relays require additional adjustments.

Switch of the glove compartment light required specific adjustment.

We installed restored dome lamp.

We had to produce new bracket for washer bottle.

We recreated windshield washer system.

We managed to find missing dashboard lamp with blue glass lens.

We acquired new faceplate and knobs for radio unit.

We recreated front panel of the radio.

We re-plated chromed parts and used new glasses restoring rear view mirror.

We assembled inner rear view mirror.

We assembled restored sunvisors.

We preassembled handles trimmed with fresh leather.

We installed prepared interior trimming elements in place.

We fabricated new keys.

New gasket on the steering gear supposed to improve oil sealing.

We completed maintenance works of the running gear before our test-driving session.

Necessary adjustments were carried out on clutch mechanism.

Necessary adjustments were carried out on pedal unit.

We applied protective coating over the surface of the bottom of the body.

We added protective wax on complicated surfaces and in the cavities of the bodywork.

We attached original installation plates and registration number plates itself.

We installed prepared trimming panels for luggage compartment lid.

We checked all motor systems before the start of the planned test driving event.

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