Trim components repair

All decoration elements were assessed and prepared for transportation to the re-plating workshop.

Many decoration components were damaged and we had to repair those before sending to re-chroming.

All carefully packed chromed decorations were sent for re-plating.

All wooden dashboard decorations were damaged. We started cleaning and repair of all components before new veneer was applied.

We disassembled wooden components and removed damaged layers of the varnish and veneer.

Some components were decomposed by humidity so we first repaired separated items.

Before veneering, we had to repair components, which had mechanical damages.

Restored parts were covered by fresh hardwood veneer.

Windshield decorations were re-veneered.

We manufactured new loudspeaker decoration frames.

Windshield post decorations were re-veneered.

All components were carefully sanded before vanish layers were applied.

Wooden trim elements got several layers of varnish followed by polishing.

We tested measurements of the dash panel openings installing restored gauges.

We received parts, which were sent for re-plating.

As final varnish layer was polished, we received all wooden decorations for assembling.

Compatibility of all wooden decorations was checked upon delivery.

Current batch of re-plated parts arrived from specialist workshop.

We prepared existing bumper components and sent for exchange to period correct bumpers.

New embellishers were attached to the radiator grille.

Complete restored radiator mask was attached to the engine hood.

Inner surfaces of the chromed pieces were painted according to Mercedes traditions.

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