Initial condition and work order

Car was delivered to RMW in the partly disassembled state. Parts in existence were adequate to the production period. Body had been survived in adequate condition.

As followed from information given on the data plate car had been initially produced for USA market, it had factory installed Becker radio and by packed rear view mirror.

Engine compartment was almost empty; therefore, it was needed to buy used power plant and all ancillaries for the project.

Brake cylinder and booster vessel were still in place.

Many chromed decorations were missing or had serious damages.

Most of dashboard controls and gauges were in place. Seats and interior trim elements were delivered separated so first we had to check compatibility of all received components.

Door trim panels were removed, but door mechanisms were complete.

Door window frames were in restorable condition.

Wooden decorations on the dashboard were destroyed by influence of humidity.

Instrument clusters were present, but detailed inspection was required to decide on possible restoration actions.

Headliner had many tears and it was dirty.

Water had been penetrating through damaged rear screen seal destroying trim around rear screen.

There was still left some part of dashboard bottom trimming panel.

Gearshift mechanism was removed together with gearbox.

Side trim in luggage compartment was damaged.

Rear wall of luggage compartment was damaged during some traffic accident.

There were several rust spots on the large section of luggage compartment floor, so it was needed to remove paint for assessment of the possible damages.

There were left some trimming components in the luggage compartment which usually are lost during period of the use.

To evaluate condition of the passenger compartment floor, sound insulation was removed. It appeared that floor was damaged under the central crossmember.

During transportation propeller shaft tunnel was seriously damaged.

We removed manually paint from the external surfaces of the body to assess overall body condition.

There were footprints of careless repair left on the left rear wing.

Surfaces were not properly repaired so thick layer of the filler was applied..

All external body panels were cleaned manually.

Restoration and assembling process was split in several steps presented in the table below:

Planned works


1. Original condition and work order


2. Disassembly, defects detection and parts list  compiling


3. Restoration



3.1.Engine and engine components repair

 In process


3.2. Transmission repair

 In process


3.3. Running gear repair

 In process


3.4. Brake system repair

 In process


3.5. Electrical equipment repairs

 In process


3.6. Bodywork repair



3.7. Interior renovation

 In process


3.8. Chromed trim components repair

 In process


3.9. Trim components repair

 In process


3.10. Other components repair

 In process

4. Assembling and final tests

 In process

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