Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

On the internet auction, we bought used engine of appropriate specification.

After cleaning we started disassembling of the engine for defect detection and repairs of the components.

Engine was almost complete, but all components needed serious repair.

Cylinders were worn out and it was necessary to grind it out to the next repair size.

Several piston rings were broken damaging pistons and working surfaces of the cylinders.

Crankshaft was seriously worn out and we had to grind bearing journals and crankpins to the next repair size.

It was necessary to repair engine head. Valve seats needed grinding and some of valve guides were falling out of sockets.

All components after dismantling were assessed and repaired according to work plan.

Power steering oil tank had been assembled without gasket – cap was simply glued to the canister.

For defects detection water pump was completely disassembled.

All injection valves successfully passed operational tests.

All injection valves were cleaned prior to installation.

Power steering oil tank was assembled from restored components using new filter and gasket.

Cold start jet was assembled from restored components.

Restoration of fuel filter was completed.

Restored chain tensioner was assembled.

All engine components were tested before assembling of the engine started.

Compressor and compressor drive were disassembled for defects detection and repair.

Kit of new bearings, seals and gaskets was ordered for overhaul of the compressor since we were going to use modern legally permissible refrigerant, which requires specific aggressive fluid for lubrication.

At auction we bought missing for our project components.

We finished restoration of the compressor and compressor’s drive.

We assembled restored oil pump.

Using restored components, we assembled throttle.

Engine block and engine head were prepared and sent for machining to the specialist workshop.

As engine block arrived from specialist workshop, we put it onto assembling rig.

We used new main bearing and connecting rod bearing shells for crankshaft installation.

New pistons of corresponding size were used for assembling.

Machined head with new valve guides was installed as well as other restored components were attached to the block.

Exhaust and intake manifolds were attached to the engine.

Assembled engine was moved to the test rig for planned tests.

After cleaning, it became obvious that we shall replace damaged radiator core and it was sent to specialist workshop for remanufacturing.

After remanufacturing restored radiator was installed onto the test rig for tests.

Gauges were installed onto our test rig for engine and equipment tests.

We attached to the engine restored heating unit for following tests.

We disassembled for tests fuel pump.

All still usable components were repaired; others were added onto required parts list.

We continued works on the engine test rig adjusting injection pump.

Restored front section of the exhaust piping was installed in place.

We tailored exhaust system from received new components.

It was delivered from overhaul at German authorized Bosch workshop our injection pump and we brought it up for test on our new stand according to Mercedes prescriptions.

Unfortunately, test revealed that one of injection pump ports is delivering substantially less fuel than others, and we were forced to send pump back for additional repair.

We installed injection pump with no delay as it was received from repeated adjustment at Bosch specialized workshop.

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