Braking system repair

Remaining components of the braking system were removed.

Using new and restored components, we started assembling of the front braking cylinders.

Rear brake shoes were prepared for installation.

Assembling of the restored front brake supports was completed.

Renovated braking system valve was assembled.

New brake discs were installed on restored wheel hubs.

We assembled restored pedal unit and hand brake actuator.

We completed restoration of all parts necessary for brake booster.

All rubber components of the brake booster were replaced.

Restored brake booster and main braking cylinder were installed in engine compartment.

We manufactured new attachment nipple to keep in use original braking fluid reservoir.

During test-drive program we noticed loss of vacuum through brake booster and we completely disassembled unit for defect detection and repair.

We assembled and installed reassembled braking booster.

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