Assembling and final tests

Body was prepared for removing off the transport rig as restoration of axles completed.

Sound deadening material was laid over door inner surface.

We used original sound deadening mats as specimen preparing new pieces of interior insulation pads.

Prepared mats were glued over firewall surface.

 We covered floor with insulation mats.

Passenger compartment rear wall was covered with appropriate insulation.

Additional soft mats were glued over prescribed areas.

There was glued specific mat in the engine compartment.

We started installation of the preassembled components into passenger compartment.

Restored window mechanisms were installed into the car body.

Restored door window mechanisms were installed into the doors.

We finished assembling of the steering column.

We put sound deadening material onto roof inner surface.

We detached body from our transport rig.

We installed preassembled front axle.

New engine support cushions were installed onto front axle beam.

New shock absorbers were attached to the body.

We installed preassembled rear axle.

New wheels were installed onto the axles.

We installed front part of the wiring harness under the dashboard and in the engine compartment.

Rear wiring harness was led from the dashboard to the luggage compartment and rear panel of the car.

Already tested steering gear was installed in dedicated place.

Pipework was attached under the body floor.

Fuel tank was fixed into position.

New fuel pump was surrounded by new protective shroud.

New rubber properly fixed rear window in place.

Heating unit was installed under the dash.

New heating system pipes were positioned into engine compartment.

Surfaces of the body behind front wings got protective treatment.

Front wings were installed and adjusted in place.

Assembling of dashboard we started installing in place wooden decorations.

Re-plated frames and new rubbers were used for assembling of the windows.

New rubber and new windscreen glass were used for windshield installation.

New radio antenna was installed and connected to main radio unit.

Engine was prepared for installation.

We attached transmission to the engine prior to immersion into engine compartment.

Air conditioning compressor was installed onto the engine.

Recreation of cooling system was completed as restored radiator was in place and connected to the rest of system.

Arrived long awaited consignment containing various re-plated trimming components.

We assembled frameworks of side windows and completed needed adjustments of window lifting mechanisms.

Using restored components, we assembled seat mechanisms.

Restored components were used assembling door mechanisms.

As door mechanisms were in place, works were continued installing door trimming panels.

Restored components were using during pre-fabrication of trimming panels.

Use of restored trimming components facilitated assembling of the dashboard.

Restored air conditioner unit was placed under the dashboard.

We continued assembling of the interior – new carpets and seats were placed in the passenger compartment.

As steering wheel was in place, we completed test of dashboard functionality.

We started preparations for the test drive filling in all necessary liquids and performing all prescribed adjustments on renovated and installed vehicle systems.

We fixed in place “+” cable and engine shock absorber.

We installed throttle valve appropriate to the model.

We completed assembling of the power steering system.

We assembled windscreen wiper motor and drive gear.

Appropriate relays were installed and connected to the wiring.

We installed radiator with fan for air conditioning system.

Air condition system components and hoses were placed in the engine compartment.

We re-created broken attachment flanges of the glove compartment housing and installed it behind the dashboard.

We riveted garnish moulding clamping pieces for the rear screen decorations and installed rear glass and chromed decorations.

We installed inertia seat belts for the first row of the seats.

As safety belts for second row of seats were installed, we finished assembling of the interior.

We started our first test drive to find out possible problems, which may appear on the move.

To cope with snowy weather conditions we installed winter tyres for forthcoming test drive.

We prepared and sent for powder coating all bumper brackets.

We painted inside of the re-plated bumpers according to Mercedes traditions.

Restored parts were used for assembling of the bumper.

We finished installation of the chassis components and chromed exterior decorations, as well as started test drive.

We finished installation of the renewed exhaust system.

We I installed new fuel pump and additional fuel filter.

We completed necessary adjustments on service and parking brake systems.

We completed aligning procedures on the front suspension.

We installed re-plated doorstep decoration profiles.

We assembled and installed restored radiator mask.

We received final batch of re-plated parts.

Restored parts we used for assembling of the number plate illumination lamp.

Installation of the decoration elements at the rear part of the body was completed.

We installed and sealed front under-wing shields.

We completed necessary maintenance operations and prepared vehicle for on-road test trial.

Initial test drive across the yard was short, but promising.

We finished our test-driving program.

As test riving was finished, we checked adjustments of different systems.

We finished restoration of the engine compartment.

Noticed defect of the combination switch was beyond repair so we bought and installed usable unit. 

We finished assembling of the restored interior components.

We used opportunity to put completed restoration project on display at Technoclassica Essen 2015.

Exhibited on RMW stand Mercedes-Benz 250SE constantly attracted attention of the visitors presenting work quality of our masters.

During Technoclassica Essen 2015, we presented for assessment just restored Mercedes-Benz 250SE to the experts from world-famous company DEKRA and received high-scored valuation report.

Upon return from exhibition, restored Mercedes-Benz 250SE was handed over to the owner to start summer motoring season.

We finished our test-driving program, presented finished 250SE to the audience of Technoclassica Essen 2015 and auditors from DEKRA, as well as finally we handed over completed restoration project to the owner.

We finished our test-driving program and handed over completed restoration project to the owner letting him enjoy pleasure of summer driving.





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