Restoration process


Overview period - week 43, 2015.

1. Progress of the project.

We painted re-plated wheel decorations according to Mercedes traditions.

We polished new paintwork before installation of external decorations.

We installed new and re-plated external decorations of the body.

Using restored components we pre-assembled front and rear bumpers.

Before installation we covered further hidden surfaces by protective coating.

We installed and adjusted restored bumpers.

We installed restored stone guards and new body mouldings.

We installed restored fuel tank cap and connected number plate illumination lamps to the new wiring harness.

We remanufactured supplied bracket to suit available washer fluid bottle.

We installed pre-assembled sunvisors.

We finished assembling of the doors installing restored trimming panels and re-plated decoration elements.

We attached new carpet to the rear wall of the passenger compartment.

We installed re-trimmed separation wall of the soft-top storage compartment.

Restored loudspeaker casing was returned to the place.

As new pads were installed and ready to accommodate number plates we were ready to start pre-delivery test drive.

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