Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

After cleaning, we discovered crack on the manifold – we planned both manifolds for replacement.

Housing of the air filter itself was salvageable.

Unfortunately, inner parts of the air filter were damaged by corrosion due to floods water.

We disassembled heat shield for restoration of the components attached to this shield.

All components belonging to the heat shield unit were sent to galvanizing and painting respectively.

We disassembled for cleaning and repair all components of the fuel supply system.

We prepared all repaired components for installation.

Fuel tank was not salvageable – it had several perforations caused by corrosion.

Inner surface of the fuel tank was severely damaged by corrosion – attempt to clean it would lead to countless perforations.

We delivered prepared parts belonging to the engine compartment for galvanizing or painting respectively.

We applied heat resistant coating on new exhaust manifolds.

We applied powdercoat on sheet metal parts prepared for assembling.

We restored original appearance of the valve covers.

We installed prepared new exhaust manifolds.

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