Electrical equipment repairs

To find the reason of malfunction we completely disassembled windscreen wiper drive. It was obvious that this unit had been filled with water for a long time.

Corrosion products stuck rotor.

After cleaning and tests of the coils, we decided that drive unit is salvageable and we replaced the brushes.

We tested function of the restored drive unit.

We completely disassembled distributor for repair.

We assembled restored distributor drive installing electronic unit.

For repair, we disassembled washer unit.

Motor of the washer pump was totally destroyed by water.

Starter motor was not in the working order.

Broken springs and other debris felt out through open hatch.

Brushes were completely worn out and all springs were broken.

Conclusion from specialist workshop was negative – this component was worn out too much so we opted for replacement part.

We carefully examined wiring harness and replaced damaged wires as well as all connectors.

We completely disassembled horn signals for restoration.

All relays did not show a signs of life, so we decided to look for the reason and opened housings.

Relays had been spent too much time under the water and all internals were destroyed.

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