Braking system repair

Braking system was filled with contaminated water solution, so we had to replace callipers, which had corrosion damages on working surfaces.

We disassembled all braking system components for repair.

Several components of the braking system were far beyond repairable condition and we placed our order for new parts.

We cleaned still usable components and sent for painting and galvanizing respectively.

We disassembled pedal unit and master cylinder for restoration.

There was a crack in weld joint of the fork.

Cavity of the reaction valve was full of corrosion products.

Housing of the reaction valve had a crack.

Diaphragm of the reaction valve had a rapture.

Housing of the master cylinder was filled with water and corrosion products.

We assembled restored pedal housing.

We disassembled braking booster for defects detection and possible repair.

Housing of the brake booster was filled with water and corrosion products.

Support plate for diaphragm was broken.

Piston of the braking booster was stuck.

Internal components of the braking booster were damaged and for safety reasons we opted for replacement.

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