Restoration process


Overview period - week 15, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We disassembled ancillaries of the motor for renovation.

We cleaned and tested components of the motor before assembling.

We disassembled cooling unit for restoration.

Fan motors were in working condition, but needed serious works to improve visual appearance.

Unfortunately, side plates were separated from radiator matrix due to corrosion.

We tested core and decided to recreate radiator.

Pressure test of the heater matrix revealed serious problem and we opted for new item.

We ordered new all hoses to recreate cooling system.

We ordered necessary parts to restore exhaust system.

Most of electrical components suffered from the ageing of the plastic and replacement was required.

We installed acquired new components of the electrical system.

We polished rear lamps to salvage original items.

We opted for new rotor during reconditioning of the starter motor.

We bought new item to replace damaged mirror.

We opted for new wiper blades of the original style.

We bought new installation kit for front number plate.

Original tank seriously suffered from corrosion resulting in countless penetrating corrosion spots.

We installed new fuel tank.

We installed renovated fuel supply system in the engine compartment.

We attached renovated inlet manifold complete with carburettors.

New components of the braking system we connected to the electrical circuit.

We connected wiring harness to the components in the dashboard area.

We finished installation of the trimming on the sidewalls.

We finished installation of the trimming for the second row of the seats.

We bought necessary parts to recreate cooling system.

We installed restored cooling system components.

We continued installation of the ancillaries of the motor.

Engine compartment wiring attached to the components.

We bought new 185R15 Pirelli Cintruato tyres and tubes.

Steering wheel coating suffered from sinking.

Wooden rim had countless cracks and separated layers of the wooden body.

Centre pushbutton was in decent condition featuring slight patina.

We cleaned surface of the steering wheel, though it was suitable just for demonstration purpose. For safety reasons rim of this wheel should be completely reworked either we shall opt for another steering wheel.

We continued assembling of the vehicle using renovated components and continued restoration of the dismounted assembling units.

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