Restoration process


Overview period - week 43, 2018.

1. Progress of the project.

We started restoration process preparing components of the car for individual repair.

We stored all removed components until further activities.

We continued disassembling to free the frame from chassis components.

We stored all removed chassis components until further defects detection activities.

Detailed inspection revealed that frame is in much worse condition than initially expected. We cut away all corrosion-damaged floor pans welded to the frame.

We sandblasted external surfaces of the frame discovering many previously unnoticed defects.

We removed damaged bottom plates of the longitudinal members to gain access for cleaning of inner cavities.

We applied protective coating over surfaces of the inner cavities.

Down-faced plates of the cross members suffered from corrosion damages and we cut away bottom plates for replacement.

We cleaned out debris collected during years of use into the inner cavities.

We cleaned inner surfaces of the frame members.

We applied protective treatment over internal surfaces of the hidden cavities.

After cleaning, we discovered many of such weld seams of unacceptable original quality!

We reworked all original seams of such poor quality.

We tailored precise copies of components, which we should replace.

We cut away completely unrepairable parts of frame preparing adequate replacements.

We welded into the place prepared replacement elements.

Around all pipes welded through the frame, we noticed bad quality weld seams and cracks even in core metal.

We cut away damaged areas completely.

We made precise patches to recreate basic metal.

We added reinforcement plates over this threatened area.

Both shock-absorber towers were destroyed – cracks were everywhere.

We produced and installed reinforcement collar at the bottom ends of towers.

Weld spots and seams were treated to achieve tide appearance.

Reinforcements from diagonal braces to shock-absorber towers were seriously damaged, so replacement was the only way to recreate this junction.

We removed damaged reinforcement elements from diagonal braces.

We made exact copies of the reinforcement brackets.

We welded in place re-created reinforcements of diagonal braces.

There were cracks at all shock-absorber tower reinforcements.

We welded all cracks of existing structures and added additional stiffening braces.

We stiffened attachment brackets of the axle tie rod.

We noticed serious mechanical and corrosion damages on the rear end elements of the chassis frame.

We cut away damaged rearmost frame cross member and floor of the luggage compartment.

Now we got access to the severe corrosion damages of the rear ends of longitudinal members.

We cleaned and applied protective coating over surface of this hidden frame cavity.

We precisely tailored missing sections of the frame members before welding.

We cleaned weld seams at the recreated rear ends of longitudinal frame members.

We cut away damaged section of the rear partition wall.

We weld in place prepared patch of the rear partition wall.

We cleaned weld spots and applied protective coating on inner surfaces of hidden cavities.

We closed longitudinal frame members and treated weld seams.

We self-manufactured all-new floor panels of the passenger compartment dedicated for welding to the chassis frame.

We mated new floor pan panels to the re-created frame.

We started cleaning of the body-shell to start assessment of the real condition of the body.

Fresh metal was required along whole bottom line of the body and around wheel openings.

There were all kinds of metal damages on the front wings.

Many unnecessary holes on body panels were plugged simply by putty.

Riveted patches and thick layer of putty plugged openings for traficators.

Both rear wings over wheel arches had excessive cracks repaired by riveted patches.

Front end of the body spotted many unrepaired dents.

There were unrepaired accident-caused damages on the front panel.

Some damages were repaired with riveted plates attached from the inside.

We received parcel with components of the electrical system.

We received sending containing boxed motor and transmission components.

Components of the main block and ancillaries were separated from main unit.

Among received components were several alternative components.

Unfortunately, closer look revealed that most of engine gaskets are wrong for given motor and correct replacement we should source instead.

We stored engine and transmission components until further guidance.

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