Restoration process


Overview period - week 11, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We continued detailed defects detection of the dismantled rear axle.

All rubber bushings of the suspension were damaged and required replacement.

We cleaned and tested disassembled components.

We prepared components of the rear axle for sand blasting and powder coating.

New cables for hand brake mechanism required.

We blasted still usable components of the braking system.

Braking cylinders suffered from serious corrosion and we opted for new units.

We disassembled main cylinder for detection of the defects – it suffered from humidity absorbed by residuals of the braking fluid.

Piston was stuck.

Removed components of the front axle we disassembled for detailed inspection.

Races of the front suspension bearings were damaged, so need for replacement bearings was obvious.

Inner races of the needle bearings of the front hubs were damaged.

Seals of the front shock absorbers were disintegrated.

Inner cavities of PV7 were full with greasy mud.

After cleaning inner mechanical structure of the shock dampers, units appeared suitable for overhaul.

We continued restoration works on the carcass of the body and repair of the defective components.

We produced new front wheel housings to substitute damaged items.

We welded in place prepared copies of the front wheel housings.

We checked compatibility of new structural elements to the expected visual appearance of the body shell.

We completely cleaned shells and frames of the hood and luggage compartment lid.

We did necessary corrections and repairs on the shells and frames before priming.

We checked compatibility of the restored body carcass to all other removed components of the bodywork.

We applied protective coating over restored structure of the front part of the carcass.

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