Disassembly, defects detection and compiling parts list

We brought up delivered car for more detailed inspection and initial defects detection.

Rear lamps were wrong for the model and we had to plan plugging of the unnecessarily big holes.

Trimming of the passenger compartment required attention.

There was needed repair and re-varnishing of the wooden dashboard panel.

Rims of the headlamps required restoration.

Emblem was damaged and broken enamel replaced by acrylic paint.

Body shell was broken at the all attachment points around the front opening.

Several damages of the aluminium body shell were repaired just putting the patch on the inside of the body.

Doors were leaning down and scratching against wing panels.

There were cracks on door shells to weld.

Both panels of the doors had penetrating corrosion damages.

Side panels of the body shell were separated from the carcass of the body.

We put the car on the lift to assess bottom components.

All around the edge body shell made of aluminium was separated from the steel carcass.  

Doorsill steel profiles were falling into the pieces.

Crossmembers of the chassis frame were disintegrated from the longitudinal frame members.

Frame members had numerous local repair patches.

Some ugly cut-outs were done reducing strength of the chassis frame structure.

Recently invented support for exhaust pipe – above still remain remnants of the original structure.

Serious oil leakage from the rear axle requiring complete overhaul of the unit.

We started restoration process preparing components of the car for individual repair.

We stored all removed components until further activities.

We continued disassembling to free the frame from chassis components.

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